We add the functions of the latest solution to the logistics solution that our existing customers are using and pursue more convenient customer and customized solution programs.

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01. Our Company We make imaginary connections a reality.

Solutions and other solutions Connecting these requires advanced programming skills and a thorough understanding of each solution. The unified effort and will of each member of the organization to overcome the difficulties of connection guarantees our continued growth.


Smart Logistics Solution

The smart logistics solution has differentiated functions and processes from the existing overseas logistics purchasing agency and delivery agency solutions.


Interworking with the world's largest delivery company system

Possessing a system integration solution with the world's best logistics companies UPS and FEDEX.


Full compatibility with warehouse systems

Existing general solutions have their own server limitations, so it is possible to seamlessly link with existing systems in any warehouse in the United States by overcoming the inability to connect and partner with other server systems.


Smart tracking

As a smart tracking solution, it provides real-time automatic tracking alarms and optimized tracking information to customers using any device other than smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

02. Our Orientation Honesty and skill
Continuous customer relationship and business growth

Looking at the continued growth of many logistics-related business companies using our smart logistics solutions, I feel rewarded for providing honest solutions.

Logistics IT Consulting

Providing consulting services that can optimize and customize existing overseas logistics solutions to internal and external customers

Creative Idea

We provide solutions with innovative ideas that go beyond the existing business areas in the logistics business.

Solution Rental Service

Solution rental service that solves the stress of solution development, maintenance cost, and server management, which require enormous initial investment of time and money

Time sensetive

We know the value of our customers' time and our time. Complete schedule management and control of progress in each part process.

World Marketing

Providing marketing techniques necessary for business growth, such as advertisements to attract customers, site inflow path analysis, distributed marketing, and related business expansion consulting

Trusted Support

We provide more trust to our customers with sympathetic cost claims and transparent accounting.

03. What's newChange in solution development method
Outstanding Solution Performance

Discover and connect the best sector-specific solutions to maximize the benefits of each solution and reduce the maintenance time and cost of separate solutions.

04. Awesome features Even if you start now, it's already too late.
but now
This start guarantees a sense of precedence.

All smart solutions are now a thing of the past. However, the current solution is the most advanced solution and serves as a stepping stone to success as a leader in the logistics business.

Awesome features

Starting as a customer of our company is a shortcut to gaining a reliable running mate for the future logistics business. As an unwavering logistics IT partner, we will do our best to help.

World Marketing

Providing marketing techniques necessary for business growth, such as advertisements to attract customers, site inflow analysis, distributed marketing, and related business expansion consulting

Beautiful and modern design

For beautiful design and customer convenience, systematic development is the principle. We provide perfectly beautiful results by thoroughly proceeding with the order of proposal, development process definition, screen definition (MOCKUP), design, publishing, and system development.

05. It's late to call now we already
At this moment, we are working on several projects.

If you contact our company now, we will provide the manpower and schedule that can be carried out according to the schedule you want as much as possible.

5G means a new high speed to come. An application programming interface (API) is a programmatic link between existing and new solutions.
5GAPI means connecting solutions using API at 5G speed.

Since 2017, it has been converted to a smart office and the workspace has been virtualized.

24-hour system monitoring protects your system from backups and virus attacks. Thorough system management is carried out in two or three layers so that even 0.0001% of the business is not damaged.

07. App screens how we work

It is a work method that emphasizes the basics and is carried out in collaboration with experts in each work process.

08. FAQ Now it's question time.

We have come this far with honesty and skill. With a persistent spirit of challenge, we have successfully combined with many solutions. If you are interested in this know-how, please let us know.

How do I request a solution?

Our company has been a phone less and paper less company since 2010. If you fill out the request form below, the person in charge will contact you as soon as possible.

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Where is our company located?

Our company has converted the existing local office into a smart office since 2017. Accordingly, all employees carry personal equipment and go to the smart office to work. Currently, we are actively utilizing the smart offices of Creative Economy Innovation Centers and public institutions across the country.

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How should I proceed?

First, the person in charge conducts a planning meeting using Skype and Google Hangouts.
What is a planning meeting?
This is the stage where you meticulously listen to the customer's request, organize it, and work on the process thumbnail. This work is calculated as an hourly cost.

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